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In the 1970s, kingpins and Columbia natives Les Riley and Barry Foy smuggled an astounding amount of marijuana and hashish into South Carolina, equating $1.8 billion in today's dollars. The co-conspirators would then drive to Atlanta and other locations to pick up kilograms of methamphetamine, bring it to South Carolina, and then distribute it in the Upstate, according to police and prosecutors. The post Hero Down: Broward Sheriffs Office Sergeant Kevin Forsberg Dies Unexpectedly appeared first on The Police Tribune. CLICK HERE. As native South Carolinians, they did not take long to settle on the lush Carolina coast, with its virtually endless waterways and, in the 1970s, undeveloped seclusion. While it was a more lucrative product, cocaine smugglers invariably toted automatic weapons. The thought immediately went through my mind that I wonder if they were responsible for his death, said Roberts. What is the talk on the street? This content is made available by use of the public RSS feed offered by the host site and is used for educational purposes only. Medical Marijuana bill passes NC Senate; some cannabis supporters against bill, Re-using the cheater beans from breakfast for dinner with Chef Elizabeth, Product Test: Elissia and Caroline try out bundt cake pan with removable bottom, The Best of Charlotte Bridal Show at Camp North End on March 19th, Licensed counselor Felice Hightower talks impact of Social Media Algorithms, PLAN AHEAD: Latest Weather Forecast Video. Les Riley grew up just a few miles from downtown Columbia. After serving as U.S. attorney, attorney general, and lieutenant governor, Henry McMaster ascended to South Carolinas governorship in 2017 and was elected to his first full term in November 2018. . More than 40 people have been charged in the Upstate of South Carolina as part of a drug-trafficking case known as "Las Seoritas," according to Attorney General Alan Wilson. British bus driver stops to give loose sheep a lift. It was unprecedented for the agencies to share information, much less work together and out of the same office. Surrey couple plans to pay off mortgage after winning $500,000. No way drug dealers did this imo . The return trip home was worse, especially when they were fired upon when straying too close to Cuba. HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. -- A yacht loaded with 1,100 pounds of cocaine was seized by federal agents on luxurious Hilton Head Island in a raid that federal officials said Thursday smashed an international drug smuggling ring. Thousands of grams of cocaine, and hundreds of grams of meth and marijuana were also found, along with four firearms. Heres the link to the podcast on YouTube:, IMO This seems way more relevant knowing what we know now! Those murders look very much like a drug hit and probably not a hit by some low down on the food chain drug users. WTF? with 100 defendants facing nearly 500 charges, sending drugs and phones into prison through hollowed out court transcripts, Do not sell or share my personal information. Within a short time, the men identified Barry as someone who recently used cash for a large land purchase. South Carolina prosecutors have announced its biggest drug bust in state history, with 100 defendants facing nearly 500 charges. Also important were the right boats: some were made for blue water (long term, open sea) sailing; some were not. Defendant Michael Pardi allegedly fled last month. We decided to figure out who they were and catch them at home. With this new approach. Hes an incredible person to me of course. Forsbergs family in the wake of their loss has raised more than $34,000 so far. U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officials have filed a criminal complaint against four South Carolina men accused of operating a "clandestine" drug lab in a residential neighborhood near Lake. So far, law enforcement has only publicly said that a large amount of marijuana was discovered at a residence on Canal Street drive in Columbia, S.C. along with cash and a firearm. Id want to see the actual lab result before I believed it. Representatives from various federal agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement Agency, United States Customs, and the IRS, were invited to a meeting in Columbia to form a task force along with SLED. Bob Byers was caught in Antigua by DEA agent Dewey Greager and David Forbes, who posed as buyers of his $900,000 sailboat, La Cautiva. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); South Carolina Grand Jury Indicts 43 In Las Senoritas Drug Ring, Senate Panel Advances Certificate Of Need Repeal, Murdaugh Murders Media Coverage: Access Issues Debated, Child Sexual Assault Allegations Rock Midlands South Carolina Murder Case, Greg Leon Murder Case: Perjury Charge Filed, SLED Agent Incapacitated On Witness Stand After Reported Drug Exposure, LIVE FEED Murdaugh Murders Trial: Alex Murdaugh Sentencing Hearing, Murdaugh Murders Trial: Alex Murdaugh Guilty On All Counts, O.J. One of the defendants, a paralegal, is accused of sending drugs and phones into prison through hollowed out court transcripts, ABC News 4 reports. U.S Attorney E. Bart Daniel said the half-ton of uncut cocaine valued at $10 million was the largest confiscation of drugs in South Carolina history. Two rules were sacrosanct: no guns and no smuggling cocaine. These are just the highlights of this incredible, true tale. We invite thought provoking exchanges while sharing facts from reliable sources and discussing distinguished theories and speculation while showing the utmost consideration and respect for the victims and being mindful of due process., Florida Police Benevolent Association (@FL_PBA) January 30, 2023. 'F****** AMATEUR HOUR': Furious Democrats lash out at Biden for announcement on radical DC crime law, Gun-toting road-rage motorist shot dead after armed man warns him to stop approaching him and his wife; cops say it looks like self-defense, Railroad union: Workers getting sick at site of Norfolk Southern's catastrophic hazmat spill in East Palestine, Teen bragged in rap song about killing another rapper, sheriff says, but cried 'like a baby that lost his pacifier' when charged with murder, Florida man allegedly told roommate, 'Im going to go over there and kill them all' before murdering his daughter and 3 others, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Georgia. Wilson announced. In discussing the issue with Brian Wellesley, Internal Revenue Service criminal investigation chief for North and South Carolina, Henry learned of a novel Net Worth approach successfully used in Southern California to identify probable criminals there by comparing the costs of their homes, cars, boats, and extravagant lifestyles with their likely income. The York County sheriff provided more information Monday on a huge drug bust. North Carolina. The investigation and prosecution is known as Operation Jackpot, which was chronicled in a book called Jackpot: High Times, High Seas, and the Sting That Launched the War on Drugs by Jason Ryan. South Carolina prosecutors have announced its biggest drug bust in state history, with 100 defendants facing nearly 500 charges. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I highly suggest you watch Mandy Matneys Murdaugh Murders Podcast - especially those about Alexs possible connection to drugs smuggling along the east coast. The case was investigated by the South Carolina State Grand Jury, which was assisted in this case by a partnership of the Attorney Generals State Grand Jury Division, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the South Carolina Department of Corrections Office of the Inspector General, the Greenville County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit, the Thirteenth Circuit Solicitors office, Anderson County Sheriffs Office, Pickens County Sheriffs Office, Spartanburg County Sheriffs Office, Easley Police Department, Abbeville County Sheriffs Office, and the Oconee County Sheriffs Office. South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to life in prison without parole Friday, a day after he was convicted of murder in the shooting deaths of his wife and son. All these kids have had other friends that have died, said Alsobrooks. The surviving Gentlemen Smugglers still gather occasionally at an event they call The Felons Ball., In the fall of 1986, in a speech in Columbia, President Reagan said, Operation Jackpot was our first major breakthrough in our war on drugs.. Music, radio and podcasts, all free. An eight-month investigation at a South Carolina prison has resulted in the confiscation of more than 100 pounds of contraband and 20 arrests, the state's department of corrections announced . After brief attempts at college, first at Newberry College and then at USC, Barry began selling marijuana in Five Points. Federal drug unit targets South Surrey home in bust spanning Lower Mainland. They were arraigned late Wednesday in Charleston before U.S. District Judge Sol Blatt Jr. Published: Oct. 24, 2022 at 3:06 AM PDT | Updated: Oct. 24, 2022 at 6:55 AM PDT YORK COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - The York County sheriff provided more information Monday on a huge drug bust. He described Hilton Head Island as a 'transhipment point' in the operation, noting that the island is well-suited for smuggling because of its access to deep water. David and Chuck fed questions to her for the kingpin and used the information to set a trap. They reportedly were part of a drug trafficking organization that operating in Pickens, Greenville, Laurens, Anderson, and Oconee Counties. He eagerly implemented it in South Carolina. His loved ones and his BSO family will forever carry on his legacy.. This month the DEA made the biggest. Got a tip for a story? Back then, the U.S. Attorneys Office had little security and nothing to keep someone from walking off the street and into a prosecutors office. Henry and Assistant U.S. Attorney John McIntosh and Cam Littlejohn assisted the Australian prosecutors at the hearing. The agents deserve all the credit, says Bart Daniel of the task force. The investigation was dubbed Las Seoritas because several women among the main targets allegedly fled to Mexico to escape prosecution in the United States. But these moms believe getting some of the big fish off the street could save the lives of many. All theories are just as valid for the time being. With each trip, Barry and Les learned more about the smuggling business. Hero Down: Broward Sheriffs Office Sergeant Kevin Forsberg Dies Unexpectedly. Simpson Says Hes Not Qualified To Say If Alex Murdaugh Did It. Cape Fear Bust: 20 arrests, 50 weapons, 10,000 grams of narcotics. The defendants, mostly from South Carolina, were traced to alleged narcotics operations through a 'paper trail' of bank drafts, passports and other documents. In 1971, they asked Barry and another hotel guest to sail to Jamaica to bring back 400 pounds of marijuana. Officials refused to identify the fifth Colombian arrested. Reflecting back, Governor McMaster says, It was virtually impossible to catch them in the act. On the other side are the avengers the scores of investigators and prosecutors that read like a whos who of South Carolina legal minds. Operation Jackpot was a federal drug task force based in South Carolina that captured and convicted more than 100 marijuana smugglers from 1983 to 1986 during President Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs. Bookings are updated several times a day so check back often! Finally, having an accessible and secluded place to offload was vital. As with anyone accused of committing any crime, the Sears are considered innocent until proven guilty by our criminal justice system or until such time as they may wish to enter some form of allocution in connection with a plea agreement with prosecutors related to any of the charges which have been filed against them. Now, 13 years after the last Gentleman Smuggler was sentenced, they are all out of prison. 63 people face drug charges after South Carolina investigation Posted: Mar 31, 2021 / 03:00 PM EDT Updated: Mar 31, 2021 / 03:08 PM EDT SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) - Sixty-three people are facing. One of South Carolina's largest drug smuggling bust News, news, seriousness, tension(1077866) - Lyrebirds music. Barry Toombs and at least five other fugitives holed up in Costa Rica were eventually extradited in February 1983. Specifically, date rape druggings which are alleged to have occurred at Sears establishments. The two men were nicknamed "the Gentlemen Smugglers" given their standards and college education. Soldiers would sometimes even help load drugs onto the boats and then, once they were clear of land, fighting resumed. Ultimately, Operation Jackpot would indict four smuggling rings operating in South Carolina. Unfortunately, Columbia police did not immediately respond to these inquiries and news of the arrests broke Sunday afternoon in The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier. That is certainly what it would seem like. The McCoys were served with notice of the states intention to seek life without the possibility of parole at their bond hearings last week. 170 charges filed against defendants linked to Mexican cartel . Consider it one of the more comic scenes in an $850 million drug-smuggling saga that rocked the South Carolina Lowcountry in the early 1980s. Updated: Oct. 29, 2020 at 4:30 PM PDT. It was just talked on Wednesday, see you later and there was no later, she said. The payday for smugglers was double that of marijuana. They learned they could make more money if they obtained their product from Colombia rather than Jamaica. The longest sentence went to Lee Harvey, who received 40 years for drug smuggling, possession of machine guns and silencers, intimidation of a grand jury witness, and racketeering, among other charges. Banned items included crack cocaine, knives, tobacco, guns, phones, and even candy. In the 1970s, kingpins and Columbia natives Les Riley and Barry Foy smuggled an astounding amount of marijuana and hashish into South Carolina, equating $1.8 billion in todays dollars. Pinch the little fish to get info on the big fish. The owner of multiple businesses in the Five Points shopping and entertainment district in downtown Columbia, South Carolina - and the former vice president of its influential neighborhood. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We use cookies to better understand website visitors, for advertising, and to offer you a better experience. By signing up to the Blaze News newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from Blaze Media that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. For those who want the full story of this local legend. Make sure you see our stories daily directly to your inbox. according to the press release from the South Carolina attorney general. He was joined at a news conference in Columbia by S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) chief Mark Keel and other authorities. According to my law enforcement sources, this ongoing investigation has less to do with marijuana a drug which most people in the Palmetto State (including me) believe should be legalized and more to do with a rash of recent date rape druggings that allegedly occurred in the Five Points region of Columbia. Throughout the extensive multi-agency investigation, it was revealed that the much of the drug trafficking was coordinated by current and former prison inmates through contraband cell phones. In a statement released jointly by the National Sheriff's Association, Major County Sheriffs of America, Western States Sheriffs' Association, Southwestern Border Sheriffs' Coalition, and Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition, the groups asserted "that the two main drivers of illicit drugs leading to overdoses and violence into the U.S. are Sinaloa History and legal buffs will appreciate reliving the 1970s with the challenges faced by the task force and the ingenuity used to achieve its objective. By FOX Carolina News Staff. ago The property had a deep water dock. Possession of drug paraphernalia charge; $95,000 secure bond; . Our thoughts and prayers are with the family Broward Sheriffs Office Sergeant Kevin Forsberg, both blood and blue. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. A major drug bust in upstate South Carolina resulted in 124 charges against 34 defendants allegedly involved with a Mexican cartel trafficking cocaine and methamphetamine in the southeast. This content is courtesy of, and owned and copyrighted by, and its author. At last, the High Court ruled that Americas kingpin statute was an extraditable offense in 40 nations of the former British Empire. To source the best marijuana, Barry partnered with another smuggler named Bob the Boss Byers, who took Barry into the mountains of Colombia to meet farmers directly. North Carolina. In college at the University of South Carolina, Les was known to take his dates to the roof of. Large drug bust in Hampton County (for those of you who believe drugs played a role in the murders). Tolson said the amount of fentanyl recovered in the bust was enough to kill every person in York County. The case, dubbed "Los Banditos" by investigators, has to date resulted in the seizure of nearly 11 kilograms (24 pounds) of methamphetamine, 584 grams (1.3 pounds) of cocaine, approximately $63,000 in cash, and over 20 firearms in South Carolina, according to the attorney general. Operation Jackpot defendants were tried in three large batches and represented by well-known South Carolina defense attorneys such as Gedney Howe, Arthur Howe, Ed Bell, and Sol Blatt. All Rights Reserved. Got a technical question or a glitch to report? According to the South Carolina Attorney Generals Office, the owners of the Los Primos restaurant located in Greenville, South Carolina, allegedly ran and facilitated most of the drug trafficking. Attorney General Wilson said that drugs in the southeast are typically trafficked across the southern border and sent to Atlanta, where they are then distributed to neighboring states. Both brothers have been incarcerated at SCDC since 2015 and have allegedly continued trafficking methamphetamine from prison using contraband cell phones. Other choices included an abandoned oyster shelling company on Hilton Head and West Bank Plantation on Edisto Island, owned by Ella Seabrook, grandmother of Barry and Les friend, Skip Sanders. According to the release, the investigation in total from both locations seized large quantities of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine including some mixed with fentanyl, marijuana, xanax, multiple firearms, and $63,000. Last week, deputies seized more than 30,000 grams of the drug fentanyl from a home on Golden Pond Drive in Clover. Unbeknownst to his grandmother, Skip charged the smugglers a fee to offload their product there. And yes, he has LOTS of hats (including the above-pictured Washington Senators lid). Published: May. In a case reaching both sides of the Rio Grande, 43 Upstate drug trafficking defendants now face a total of 170 charges after being indicted by the South Carolina statewide grand jury. He walked in and stood in front of Barts desk. The owner of multiple businesses in the Five Points shopping and entertainment district in downtown Columbia, South Carolina and the former vice president of its influential neighborhood association was arrested along with a relative last week on multiple drug charges. Also, these arrests are reportedly just the beginning of a much broader investigation . If there is a drug connection to Alex, he would definitely be the big fish in the region. According to a federal indictment, the defendants have been identified as Glenn Talley Jr., Leonard Gatling, Stephanie Amber Hawkins, Joe Kent Graham, Jermaine Louis . South Carolina. After college, Les moved to Key West and started a landscaping business, cutting grass for $5. Operation Jackpot was also one of the first federal task forces to combine investigators from a variety of federal agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Customs, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Customs Patrol. National. Yet our response to the opioid and fentanyl crisis is underwhelming, Tolson said. As with all cases, all the defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty by the criminal justice system, or until such times as each may wish to enter some form of allocution in connection with a plea agreement with prosecutors related to any of the charges that may be filed against them. 'In layman's terms, this is enough cocaine for every man, woman, and child in South Carolina to get high at least one time,' he said. Listen online or download the iHeart App. Deputies seize more than 90 pounds of marijuana during drug bust at South Carolina home. The smugglers also borrowed plantations along the coast owned by rich Northerners who rarely visited. Wild as it seems, the story is true. The next big adventure came through importing hashish from faraway locales like Lebanon and Singapore. In this article we take a look at the 18 biggest drug busts in US history. <p>Pounds of various drugs were transported by taco trucks owned by a restaurant as part of a large drug-dealing operation in South Carolina, state authorities said Wednesday.</p> Later, he moved into a Hollywood, Florida, beachside hotel frequented by men who participated in, among other activities, drug dealing. A South Carolina sheriff's office has concluded a one-year investigation into a major drug operation that saw them seizing enough fentanyl to kill around 15 million people. The arrests culminated a five-months investigation by the FBI, the Coast Guard, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Customs Service and the Beaufort County Sheriff's Department. Charges range from drug trafficking and weapons to burglary and kidnapping. When I saw the address come up we knew people that used to live on that road. He was also a member of the cast of A&Es The First 48, where he and his team raced to solve murders immediately after crimes are committed. Paul and drugs are rumors . CLICK HERE. Those involved are allegedly in a drug ring associated with Mexican cartels, state officials said. Rest easy, hero. Our hearts go out to Sergeant Kevin Forsbergs family, friends and colleagues at Broward Sheriffs Office where he served in the BSOs Homicide Unit. Growing up a few miles from Les in Columbia, Barry Foy spent his youth delivering newspapers and eggs, working on construction crews, and pumping gas. I believe it was his girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, that said he used cocaine on multiple occasions during her sworn deposition. Information from the Los Banditos investigation was used to make another bust in Atlanta, where authorities seized approximately 200 kilos (441 pounds) of methamphetamine, 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds) of cocaine, 3.2 kilos (7 pounds) of heroin, 5 ounces of cocaine mixed with fentanyl, 183 pounds of marijuana, 900 Xanax pills, and multiple firearms from stash houses in apartments, the attorney general's office said. That was a good feeling seeing all those pills were off the street. 'These are all upper-level or. The Coast Guard monitored the vessel's trip from Colombia to the dock at the rented home in the exclusive Sea Pines Plantation development, but authorities waited for six days until the distributors, known as 'Mr. This is the second drug bust along I-95 in Nash County this week. U.S. Attorney Henry McMaster stands next to the Dutch Treat, a yacht owned by queenpin Carol Amend until its seizure by the U.S. government under the then-untested legal tactic of civil asset forfeiture. This major drug trafficking ring was anything but unbelievable, said Solicitor Walt Wilkins. Politics. Les Riley lives on Seabrook Island. Firefighters hoist horse stranded in backyard swimming pool. We need to bring awareness to this issue, that drug dealers are not dealing drugs anymore. 9 arrested after drug bust in Greenwood County, deputies say., The five Colombians in custody are Jorge Samuel Cruz, Luis F. Taboada-Garcia, Felipe Janer and Juan Carlos Perez. Many of the drugs were allegedly trafficked out of the restaurant, and also out of taco trucks owned by the restaurant, officials said. Will Folksis the founding editor of the news outlet you are currently reading. These are low level dealers. Got a tip or a story idea for Mark? So when she sees the huge spread of the same drug that killed her child on a sheriffs office table instead of someones system, she is hopeful but cautious. He was an assistant United States attorney at the time. ", Woman wins $100,000 lottery prize 11 hours after $11,000 casino jackpot. At Henry and Brians suggestion, the two began following the money. I live in a small ass county not in South Carolina Our local da parades around big drug bust like this once a year.

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