volkswagen customer demographicsvolkswagen customer demographics

Outside Germany, the Group's share of registrations by fleet customers in Europe was up slightly at 25.6 (25.2)%. Our aim here is to create a completely new product experience for the customers of our brands one which impresses with a seamless communication process, from the initial interest in purchasing a vehicle, to servicing and ultimately to the sale of the used car. We use cookies (our own and those of third parties) to make our websites easier for you to use and to display advertisements in accordance with your browser settings. The Volkswagen Group manufactured 8.3 million cars in 2021. The Volkswagen Groups financial strength and profitability is attributable to an extensive portfolio of strong brands. In December 2018, Volkswagen Group acquired a 75.1% majority stake in WirelessCar from Volvo Information Technology AB. In 2012, Volkswagen completely redesigned the exterior of the beetle to attract more male consumers. The Volkswagen Group is thus transforming from an automotive manufacturer into a mobility service provider, posing completely new challenges for sales. The company is a part of the Volkswagen Group since 1991. To this end, we have established automobile-specific customer segmentation to steer the positioning of our brands which we consistently apply throughout the strategy and product process. 11% of the management team is Black or African American. Find your information in our database containing over 20,000 reports, most valuable brands in the automotive sector, fitted with a defeat device in their engines, best-selling plug-in electric vehicles worldwide, produced some 1.8 million vehicles worldwide, consumer satisfaction in the United States. The global network of more than 100 PrimeServ locations stands for excellent customer focus and offers, among other things, replacement parts of genuine-part quality, qualified technical service and long-term maintenance contracts. Porsche SE consults and provides technical assistance services for the development and manufacturing of vehicles, engines, and other related technical and economic activities. The Volkswagen Group is one of the world's leading vehicle manufacturing companies in terms of sales and revenue. At the same time, new Group vehicles that are permanently connected to the internet are about to be launched. Between January and December 2019, the Volkswagen Group generated sales revenue of 252.6 billion, exceeding the prior-year figure by 7.1%. This campaign will be complemented by vehicle-related, customer-focused offerings, such as customized charging infrastructure solutions and mobile online services. Cadillac owners also have higher incomes, and perhaps they attribute some of this success to personal charm. Trust in and loyalty to our services rely on customer satisfaction with our product range and service. The brands with the youngest buyers are Mazda and Volkswagen, with an average age of approximately 37 years old. Work flexibility: data than referenced in the text. There are also 15,000 drawings, as well as digital data. 3.19. The Volkswagen Group aims its sales activities at exciting its customers. In 2021, the Volkswagen Group employed around 668k people worldwide, up from 665k in 2020. In 2019, we were within the expected range with a satisfaction rate of 83(82)%. The styling is bit more masculine, bit more aggressive than the previous car. On average, employees at Volkswagen Group of America stay with the company for 4.7 years. Volkswagen Passenger Cars is its core brand. Although VW has been busy of late remodeling and rebranding their cars to appeal to the younger demographic, theres one VW model that has always performed well among younger drivers: the VW Beetle. Outside Germany, the Groups share of registrations by fleet customers in Europe was up slightly at 26.5 (25.7)%. Volkswagen is a multinational automobile company founded by the German Labour Front in 1937. Research Expert covering transportation and logistics. Enel X, Volkswagen Group, and Volkswagen Group entered into an agreement to establish a joint venture that will provide full functionality for the development of electric cars in Italy. In August, Volkswagen of America launched a Car-Net Carrier of Choice partnership with Verizon and T-Mobile. 15% of Volkswagen employees are Hispanic or Latino. Loyalty rate. Newly acquired passenger car customers as a proportion of all potential new customers. The company designs passenger cars, sports vehicles, and utility vans, as well as supplies spare parts. We are making highly targeted use of the opportunities of digitalization in sales, which include an improved customer approach. Premium Statistic Lamborghini worldwide car deliveries to customers 2006-2021; Premium Statistic . Socio Economic & Demographic Segmantation: Volkswagen is using this segmentation on the countires which they have different econmies. This campaign will be complemented by vehicle-related, customer-focused offerings, such as customized charging infrastructure solutions and mobile online services. Satisfaction of our customers results from a customer-oriented product range and the service focus of our staff. After Sales and Service 9% of Volkswagen Group of America management is Hispanic or Latino. Segmentation groups customers based on different factors and allows you to apply messaging that speaks directly to their needs. With the original turbo it had a pretty sporty powertrain and chasse, said Mark Gillies, Manager of Product & Technology, in an interview at the early-February Chicago Auto Show. Through the electric drive, digital networking, and autonomous driving, the automobile is quiet, intelligent, safe, and clean. Volkswagen and Gotion High-Tech partnered in July to create the first generation of unified batteries. The 2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI comes with a four-year/50,000-mile basic warranty. Toyota Motor Corp., Stellantis NV, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, SAIC Motor Corp. Ltd., Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd. And others. Outside Germany, the Group's share of registrations by fleet customers in Europe was up slightly at 26.5 (25.7)%. This poses new challenges for sales. The upward trend shows that fleet customers' confidence in the Group remains on a high level. Due to varying update cycles, statistics can display more up-to-date The company is currently working on realigning VW to better meet the needs of the future, he said, by making use of digital technologies such as Electro mobility; and by taking broader steps such as modernizing its leadership culture for more open communication. In addition to individual service, the timely provision of genuine parts is essential to ensure passenger car customer satisfaction in After Sales. Sales revenue amounted to 143.1 Billion or US$ 142.8 Billion. The most common ethnicity at Tynan's Volkswagen is White (74%). Volkswagen generated North American revenue of around 45.3 billion euros in 2021. We found that Cadillac and Buick have the oldest buyers at CarMax, with an average age above 45 years old. Volkswagen is ranked number 7 in the world's largest companies. Customer loyalty. Bentley is headquartered in Crewe, England, and has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 1998. We regard ourselves as an innovative and sustainable mobility provider for all commercial and private customers worldwide with a unique product portfolio encompassing twelve successful brands and innovative financial services. Volkswagen announced plans to acquire French car rental company Europcar in October. The Volkswagen Group's share of this customer segment decreased to 44.7 (47.1)%. The Volkswagen Groups financial strength and profitability is attributable to an extensive portfolio of strong brands. 36% of Volkswagen employees are women, while 64% are men. Volkswagen AG, still reeling from a scandal that tarnished its reputation last year, is taking aim at some new demographic groups: younger drivers worldwide and Chinese car buyers. Here are further demographic highlights of the leadership team: The Volkswagen Group of America executive team is 0% female and 100% male. Clicking on the following button will update the content below. It consists of several brands of vehicles for a range of cars for different customer demographics of age group and price. Volkswagen AG operates as a subsidiary of Porsche Automobil Holding SE, which holds a stake of 53.1% of the ordinary shares. According to this information Volkswagen reachs to all groups through their products as Polo, Beetle, Passat, Passat CC, Toureg, Scirocco etc. 16% of Volkswagen employees are Asian. Volkswagen and Audi merged together in February to create a stronger national sales company. This is our top priority, as satisfied customers remain loyal to our brands and recommend our products and services to others. We are reducing servicing times and costs with a view to the vehicles total operating costs and helping to retain their value. You can get a complete picture of the impact of forced labor on the shelters scale and how much the company was involved in the National Socialist war economies by looking at photos, documents, eyewitness accounts, or items that were loaned to you personally. Here we look at income by vehicle type. Volkswagen will become younger, more emotional, and more exciting, (and) the vehicles we are presenting here in Geneva are pointing the way.. Market positioning is an important element for increasing brand values. The Volkswagen Group has an established base of business fleet customers, especially in Germany and the rest of Europe. The commercial vehicles segment develops, produces, and sells light commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses; and offers parts and related services. 5% of Tynan's Volkswagen employees are Black or African American. The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand is present in more than 150 markets worldwide and produces vehicles at more than 30 locations in 13 countries. In September Volkswagen announced plans to build a battery system plant in Hefei. Vehicles are becoming an integral part of the customers digital world of experience. Established in the 1930s, it has become one of the top automotive manufacturers in the world and is the top automotive manufacturer in Europe. The company operates in four segments: passenger cars, commercial vehicles, power engineering, and financial services. 05/24/2011 - Grand Opening of Volkswagen Chattanooga plant 04/18/2011 - First customer car rolled off assembly line 04/07/2011 - ISO 9001 status confirmed by external auditor 01/09/2011 - Static Launch of the new Passat at NAIAS Detroit 09/30/2010 - Opening of Supplier Park 08/23/2010 - 1,000th employee hired 06/04/2010 - Opening of Volkswagen . In 2021, its namesake brand Volkswagen held close to 6.4 percent of the global. This is our top priority, as satisfied customers remain loyal to our brands and recommend our products and services to others. Through the Volkswagen College Graduate Program*, qualified recent graduates can get a $500 Contract Bonus** when purchasing or leasing a select new, unused Volkswagen vehicle through Volkswagen Credit. The re-entering contract rates (defined as financing and leasing agreements for repurchases of new Volkswagen Group vehicles) that have been surveyed up to now based on product sales to our customers are being revised in the context of changing customer needs and the development of the product offering at our financial services companies. Through Profiles, we know that when compared to Chrysler owners, more Cadillac owners reside in the South, where etiquette and hospitality tend to receive more importance. It will soon be possible to build models for all brands and segments of the SSP. (Volkswagen, 2011a). Accept. Together with our partners, our mission is to ensure the worldwide mobility of our customers. Volkswagen and BP partnered in March to extend ultra-fast electric vehicle charging across Europe. This is the reason why we have measured both external and internal customer satisfaction in our markets in recent years. With our global after sales network including more than 130 of our own warehouses, we are creating the prerequisites to supply almost all our authorized service facilities around the world within 24 hours. SEAT is a 60-year-old Spanish automaker acquired by Volkswagen in 1986. In addition to satisfaction with our products and services, we value our customers emotional connection to our brands. For this reason we ascertained the re-entering contract rates in our markets in past years based on product sales to customers, for financing and lease agreements for repurchases of new Volkswagen Group vehicles. Our range of trucks, buses and engines is complemented by services that aim to guarantee fuel efficiency, reliability and wide vehicle availability. Volkswagen Group announced in 2019 that it would see a decrease in its workforce between 2019-2023 in a press conference. Volkswagen AG also acquired this legendary Italian sports car manufacturer in 1998. Each room in the shelter is dedicated to a specific topic. Edmunds members save an average of $1,975 by . (The Wall Street Journal), Photo at top: Volkswagen exhibit at 2016 Chicago Auto Show. After the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB), the Premium Platform Electric, (PPE), SSP is the next generation of all-electric, fully digital, and highly-scalable mechatronics platforms. But energy services are also key success factors and can be a source of additional income in the new mobility industry. Volkswagen and Microsoft collaborated in February to accelerate the development of automated driving. Volkswagen AG is internationally known as the Volkswagen Group and is one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles in the world. Even as it conducts the ongoing diesel-recall campaigns, Diess said, VW is repositioning the entire organization. The new Phideon was developed in Germany, but will be manufactured in China with the assistance of VWs local joint-venture partner, SAIC Volkswagen. From the A3 sedan to the Q5 crossover SUV and the TT roadster, Audi is a popular luxury car brand across the globe. This Single Family Rental property at 33581 Pebble Brook Circle, Temecula, CA, is available for $3,950 / Month. Business relationships with fleet customers are often long-term partnerships. Innovative digital after-sales services will additionally improve the customer experience. Our aim here is to create a completely new product experience for the customers of our brand one which impresses with a seamless communication process, from the initial interest in purchasing a vehicle, to servicing and ultimately to the sale of the used car. We know Volkswagen needs to make good on some things, said Diess, adding we know that we need to win back the trust of our customers quickly.. On average, employees at Tynan's Volkswagen stay with the company for 2.3 years. Volkswagen AG is internationally known as the Volkswagen Group and is one of the leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles in the world. The passenger cars segment develops vehicles and engines and produces and sells passenger cars and related parts. An endless number of variables can be used to categorize customers and potential customers. In an overall passenger car market in Germany that declined by 19.1% in the reporting year, business fleet customers accounted for 16.2 (14.8)% of total registrations. They invested a total of US$ 2 Billion in Bentley to keep the luxury brand relevant and top-of-mind with wealthy patrons. The company also offers motorcycles and turbomachinery. This trend shows that fleet customers confidence in the Group remains at a high level. if(typeof(wpDataCharts)=='undefined'){wpDataCharts = {};}; wpDataCharts[319] = {render_data: {"options":{"title":{"text":"Volkswagen \u2013 Total Revenue, in US$ Billion, by Brand, 2015 \u2013 2020","floating":false,"align":"center"},"series":[{"type":"","name":"VW Passenger Cars","color":"rgb(51,122,183)","label":"VW Passenger Cars","orig_header":"vwpassengercars","data":[119.25,118.59,89.77,94.95,107.63,82.38],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Audi","color":"","label":"Audi","orig_header":"audi","data":[65.57,66.58,67.49,66.51,67.78,57.91],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Porsche","color":"","label":"Porsche","orig_header":"porsche","data":[24.17,25.05,24.32,26.57,31.73,30.2],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Skoda","color":"","label":"Skoda","orig_header":"koda","data":[14.02,15.39,18.59,19.41,24.11,19.79],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Scania","color":"","label":"Scania","orig_header":"scania","data":[11.76,12.68,14.36,15,16.96,13.35],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"MAN Commercial Vehicles","color":"","label":"MAN Commercial Vehicles","orig_header":"mancommercialvehicles","data":[11.18,11.24,12.45,13.58,15.42,12.56],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"VW Commercial Vehicles","color":"","label":"VW Commercial Vehicles","orig_header":"vwcommercialvehicles","data":[11.61,12.48,13.37,13.33,13.97,10.85],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Seat","color":"","label":"Seat","orig_header":"seat","data":[9.65,9.98,11.1,11.45,14,10.66],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Bentley","color":"","label":"Bentley","orig_header":"bentley","data":[2.18,2.28,2.07,1.74,2.55,2.38],"yAxis":0}],"xAxis":{"categories":[2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020],"title":{"text":"Year"},"crosshair":false},"yAxis":[{"gridLineDashStyle":"solid","title":{"text":"Revenue (US$ Billion)"},"crosshair":false},[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[]],"chart":{"backgroundColor":"","borderWidth":0,"borderColor":"","borderRadius":0,"zoomType":"none","panning":false,"panKey":"shift","plotBackgroundColor":"","plotBackgroundImage":"","plotBorderColor":"","plotBorderWidth":"","inverted":false},"subtitle":{"text":"","align":"center"},"tooltip":{"enabled":true,"backgroundColor":"rgba(255,255,255,0.85)","borderWidth":"1","borderColor":"","borderRadius":3,"shared":false,"valuePrefix":"US$ ","valueSuffix":" Billion"},"legend":{"enabled":true,"backgroundColor":"","title":{"text":""},"layout":"horizontal","align":"center","verticalAlign":"bottom","borderWidth":"0","borderColor":"","borderRadius":"0"},"exporting":{"enabled":true,"chartOptions":{"plotOptions":{"series":{"dataLabels":{"enabled":true}}}},"filename":"","width":"","buttons":{"contextButton":{"align":"right","verticalAlign":"top","symbolStroke":"rgb(0,0,0)","text":""}}},"credits":{"enabled":true,"href":"https:\/\/\/","text":"\u00a9 Statista and 2021"}},"type":"highcharts_basic_column_chart","height":"400","column_indexes":[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]}, engine: "highcharts", type: "highcharts_basic_column_chart", title: "Volkswagen Total Revenue, in US$ Billion, by Brand, 2015 2020", container: "wpDataChart_319", follow_filtering: 1, wpdatatable_id: 349, group_chart: 0}, if(typeof(wpDataCharts)=='undefined'){wpDataCharts = {};}; wpDataCharts[504] = {render_data: {"options":{"title":{"text":"Volkswagen \u2013 Total Vehicle Production, in Thousand Units, 2009 \u2013 2020","floating":false,"align":"center"},"series":[{"type":"","name":"Vehicle Production (in Thousand Units)","color":"","label":"Vehicle Production (in Thousand Units)","orig_header":"vehicleproductioninthousandunits","data":[6055,7358,8494,9255,9728,10213,10017,10405,10875,11018,10823,8900],"yAxis":0}],"xAxis":{"categories":[2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020],"title":{"text":"Year"},"crosshair":false},"yAxis":[{"gridLineDashStyle":"solid","title":{"text":"Vehicle Production (in Thousand Units)"},"crosshair":false}],"chart":{"backgroundColor":"","borderWidth":0,"borderColor":"","borderRadius":0,"zoomType":"none","panning":false,"panKey":"shift","plotBackgroundColor":"","plotBackgroundImage":"","plotBorderColor":"","plotBorderWidth":"","inverted":false},"subtitle":{"text":"","align":"center"},"tooltip":{"enabled":true,"backgroundColor":"rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.85)","borderWidth":"1","borderColor":"","borderRadius":3,"shared":false,"valuePrefix":"","valueSuffix":""},"legend":{"enabled":false,"backgroundColor":"","title":{"text":""},"layout":"horizontal","align":"center","verticalAlign":"bottom","borderWidth":"0","borderColor":"","borderRadius":"0"},"exporting":{"enabled":true,"chartOptions":{"plotOptions":{"series":{"dataLabels":{"enabled":true}}}},"filename":"","width":"","buttons":{"contextButton":{"align":"right","verticalAlign":"top","symbolStroke":"#666","text":""}}},"credits":{"enabled":true,"href":"https:\/\/\/","text":"\u00a9 Statista and 2021"}},"type":"highcharts_basic_bar_chart","height":"400"}, engine: "highcharts", type: "highcharts_basic_bar_chart", title: "Volkswagen Total Vehicle Production, in Thousand Units, 2009 2020", container: "wpDataChart_504", follow_filtering: 0, wpdatatable_id: 354, group_chart: 0}, if(typeof(wpDataCharts)=='undefined'){wpDataCharts = {};}; wpDataCharts[325] = {render_data: {"options":{"title":{"text":"Volkswagen\\'s Lamborghini and Porsche \u2013 Total Number of Car Deliveries to Customers, in Million Units, 2013 \u2013 2020","floating":false,"align":"center"},"series":[{"type":"","name":"Porsche","color":"","label":"Porsche","orig_header":"porshe","data":[161982,189849,225121,237778,246375,256255,280800,272162],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Lamborghini","color":"","label":"Lamborghini","orig_header":"lamborghini","data":[2121,2530,3245,3457,3815,5750,8205,7430],"yAxis":0}],"xAxis":{"categories":[2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020],"title":{"text":"Year"},"crosshair":false},"yAxis":[{"gridLineDashStyle":"solid","title":{"text":"Car Deliveries (in Million Units)"},"crosshair":false},[]],"chart":{"backgroundColor":"","borderWidth":0,"borderColor":"","borderRadius":0,"zoomType":"none","panning":false,"panKey":"shift","plotBackgroundColor":"","plotBackgroundImage":"","plotBorderColor":"","plotBorderWidth":"","inverted":false},"subtitle":{"text":"","align":"center"},"tooltip":{"enabled":true,"backgroundColor":"rgba(255,255,255,0.85)","borderWidth":"1","borderColor":"","borderRadius":3,"shared":false,"valuePrefix":"","valueSuffix":" Million"},"legend":{"enabled":true,"backgroundColor":"","title":{"text":""},"layout":"horizontal","align":"center","verticalAlign":"bottom","borderWidth":"0","borderColor":"","borderRadius":"0"},"exporting":{"enabled":true,"chartOptions":{"plotOptions":{"series":{"dataLabels":{"enabled":true}}}},"filename":"","width":"","buttons":{"contextButton":{"align":"right","verticalAlign":"top","symbolStroke":"#666","text":""}}},"credits":{"enabled":true,"href":"https:\/\/\/","text":"\u00a9 Statista and 2021"}},"type":"highcharts_basic_bar_chart","height":"400","column_indexes":[1,2,3]}, engine: "highcharts", type: "highcharts_basic_bar_chart", title: "Volkswagen\'s Lamborghini and Porsche Total Number of Car Deliveries to Customers, in Million Units, 2013 2020", container: "wpDataChart_325", follow_filtering: 1, wpdatatable_id: 355, group_chart: 0}, if(typeof(wpDataCharts)=='undefined'){wpDataCharts = {};}; wpDataCharts[320] = {render_data: {"options":{"title":{"text":"Volkswagen \u2013 Total Number of Cars Sold, in Thousand Units, by Brand, 2014 \u2013 2020","floating":false,"align":"center"},"series":[{"type":"","name":"Volkswagen Passenger Cars","color":"","label":"Volkswagen Passenger Cars","orig_header":"volkswagenpassengercars","data":[4583,4424,4347,3573,3715,3677,2835],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Audi","color":"","label":"Audi","orig_header":"audi","data":[1444,1529,1534,1530,1467,1200,1017],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Skoda","color":"","label":"Skoda","orig_header":"skoda","data":[796,800,814,937,957,1062,849],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Seat","color":"","label":"Seat","orig_header":"seat","data":[501,544,548,595,608,667,484],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"VW Commercial Vehicles","color":"","label":"VW Commercial Vehicles","orig_header":"vwcommercialvehicles","data":[442,456,478,498,469,456,345],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Porsche","color":"","label":"Porsche","orig_header":"porsche","data":[187,219,239,248,253,277,265],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"MAN Commercial Vehicles","color":"","label":"MAN Commercial Vehicles","orig_header":"mancommercialvehicles","data":[120,102,102,114,137,143,118],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Scania","color":"","label":"Scania","orig_header":"scania","data":[80,78,83,92,97,101,73],"yAxis":0},{"type":"","name":"Bentley","color":"","label":"Bentley","orig_header":"bentley","data":[11,11,11,11,10,12,11],"yAxis":0}],"xAxis":{"categories":[2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020],"title":{"text":"Year"},"crosshair":false},"yAxis":[{"gridLineDashStyle":"solid","title":{"text":"Cars Sold (in Thousand Units)"},"crosshair":false},[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[]],"chart":{"backgroundColor":"","borderWidth":0,"borderColor":"","borderRadius":0,"zoomType":"none","panning":false,"panKey":"shift","plotBackgroundColor":"","plotBackgroundImage":"","plotBorderColor":"","plotBorderWidth":"","inverted":false},"subtitle":{"text":"","align":"right"},"tooltip":{"enabled":true,"backgroundColor":"rgba(255,255,255,0.85)","borderWidth":"1","borderColor":"","borderRadius":3,"shared":false,"valuePrefix":"","valueSuffix":""},"legend":{"enabled":true,"backgroundColor":"","title":{"text":""},"layout":"horizontal","align":"center","verticalAlign":"bottom","borderWidth":"0","borderColor":"","borderRadius":"0"},"exporting":{"enabled":true,"chartOptions":{"plotOptions":{"series":{"dataLabels":{"enabled":true}}}},"filename":"","width":"","buttons":{"contextButton":{"align":"right","verticalAlign":"top","symbolStroke":"#666","text":""}}},"credits":{"enabled":true,"href":"https:\/\/\/","text":"\u00a9 Statista and 2021"}},"type":"highcharts_basic_column_chart","height":"400","column_indexes":[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]}, engine: "highcharts", type: "highcharts_basic_column_chart", title: "Volkswagen Total Number of Cars Sold, in Thousand Units, by Brand, 2014 2020", container: "wpDataChart_320", follow_filtering: 1, wpdatatable_id: 350, group_chart: 0}, if(typeof(wpDataCharts)=='undefined'){wpDataCharts = {};}; wpDataCharts[505] = {render_data: {"options":{"title":{"text":"Volkswagen \u2013 Total Number of Vehicles Sold Worldwide, in Million Units, 2009 \u2013 2020","floating":false,"align":"center"},"series":[{"type":"","name":"Number of Vehicles Sold","color":"rgb(145,99,151)","label":"Number of Vehicles Sold","orig_header":"numberofvehiclessoldinmillion","data":[6.3,7.3,8.4,9.3,9.7,10.2,10,10.4,10.8,10.9,10.95,9.15],"yAxis":0}],"xAxis":{"categories":[2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020],"title":{"text":"Number of Vehicles Sold (in Million)"},"crosshair":false},"yAxis":[{"gridLineDashStyle":"solid","title":{"text":"Year"},"crosshair":false}],"chart":{"backgroundColor":"","borderWidth":0,"borderColor":"","borderRadius":0,"zoomType":"none","panning":false,"panKey":"shift","plotBackgroundColor":"","plotBackgroundImage":"","plotBorderColor":"","plotBorderWidth":"","inverted":false},"subtitle":{"text":"","align":"center"},"tooltip":{"enabled":true,"backgroundColor":"rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.85)","borderWidth":"1","borderColor":"","borderRadius":3,"shared":false,"valuePrefix":"","valueSuffix":" Million Units"},"legend":{"enabled":false,"backgroundColor":"","title":{"text":""},"layout":"horizontal","align":"center","verticalAlign":"bottom","borderWidth":"0","borderColor":"","borderRadius":"0"},"exporting":{"enabled":true,"chartOptions":{"plotOptions":{"series":{"dataLabels":{"enabled":true}}}},"filename":"","width":"","buttons":{"contextButton":{"align":"right","verticalAlign":"top","symbolStroke":"#666","text":""}}},"credits":{"enabled":true,"href":"https:\/\/\/","text":"\u00a9 Statista and 2021"}},"type":"highcharts_basic_column_chart","height":"400"}, engine: "highcharts", type: "highcharts_basic_column_chart", title: "Volkswagen Total Number of Vehicles Sold Worldwide, in Million Units, 2009 2020", container: "wpDataChart_505", follow_filtering: 0, wpdatatable_id: 351, group_chart: 0}. Get in touch with us. The company develops its own cars in-house, has been producing over 500,000 units a year, and sold around 20 Million cars to date. Income of car buyers Two household income groups account for most new vehicle purchases: Under $50,000 per year (mostly single-person households) and $100,000 per year and up (mostly families). (Xiumei Dong/MEDILL). In October 2018, Volkswagen AG acquired MAN Energy Solutions SE and all shares in Renk AG from MAN SE. In addition to satisfaction with our products and services, we value our customers emotional connection to our brands. The Volkswagen Groups share of this customer segment slipped to 42.1 (44.1)%. Here is how the age demographics break down for a few selected makes, by age group. Volkswagen announced plans to buy an autonomous driving unit made by Huawei, in February. We also looked at the ages of buyers for popular types of cars like sports cars, minivans, and trucks.

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